Golden Whistle Award – call for nominations

The POGG Golden Whistle Award Master Plaque

We are now looking for nominees for the Golden Whistle Award. This is presented annually by POGG (Peace, Order and Good Government), an Ottawa-based discussion group led by Harry Weldon. The Award is sponsored by Canadians for Accountability.

2012’s winner was Brian Skakun of Prince George, British Columbia, where he serves as a city councillor. Mr. Skakun made public a municipal internal report in order to prompt action on a serious problem and attendant cover-up. He faced severe reprisals as a result of his action. For more information on his case – and on other past winners – visit our Golden Whistle Award page.

Persons selected for the Award are individuals who stood up to or reported significant wrongdoing in the government sector. We seek nominees from all regions of Canada and all levels of government.

If you know of someone you think is worthy of consideration for this award, please contact us via the comments section of this page or by email at